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...Foresee by CTV is your personal library of Alexandria, powered by 21st century technology, with 22nd century ambitions.

An amuse-bouche, or curation of, moving, thought-provoking, life enhancing concepts and ideas expressed over the past four billions years. Be it through books, essays, speeches or podcasts, one glint of the unexpected can create ripples to last a lifetime.


Give in to your curiosity; be warned though - strange, wonderful things may result.


thinking the biggest of thoughts, Buckminster Fuller was an engineer polymath, with a profound sense of stewardship for the planet, who enjoyed a fair amount of linguistic portmanteau-ing.


thinking about moon shots, Srinivasa Ramanujan was a mystic-cum-mathematician who chanced a letter to a Cambridge professor, ejecting him out of obscurity and into the history books.


being the one who leads by example, Maria Mitchell was a polymath of sorts, combining deep knowledge of the natural sciences and astronomy, and strenuously fought to get women into higher education in the sciences.


attempting to model the unpredictable, Thomas Malthus' famed essay would shape for well over a century how we come to view the interplay between seemingly finite resources and exponential human multiplication. 


influencing the course of history, Albert Einstein was tasked with writing a letter that would directly accelerate the U.S's work on the atomic bomb. 

Humans are multi-variate. That's why you're here.


curating the UWW (universe wide web) here


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AI vs. The God Move

Earth's Playlist Sent into Space

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