this platform collates bright thinking on big ideas, with no intermediaries, that we can partake in, and contribute to, in the form of meaningful innovation.


this concept came from the sense that knowledge across individuals, between generations, somehow does not adequately self-perpetuate. we do have select scientific breakthroughs, there is technological advancement, books are written and films made. but these occurrences are concentrated in small, localised hubs over long time horizons that we can ill afford. we have a planet full of seven point six billion humans who contain genuine multitudes, yet because of the vagaries of birth, geography, limited resources or sheer lack of an idea where to start, so much promise remains untapped.   

the sources pooled here range from essays, novels, to YouTube videos and podcasts. treat it like an encyclopaedia of baseline knowledge, and varied approaches to considered thinking, that should appear in the the earliest years, and then placed on the shelf for reference, to make room for a lifetime's worth of originality, tinkering and collective enrichment.

is this a big vision? maybe. idealistic? a touch. hopeful? utterly.

here's to human flourishing.

core values

People are multi-variate.

No knowledge is beyond reach, unless you put it there.

Start with fundamental and source materials, not extrapolations or opinions.

Everyone has a stake in the future of our planet.