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Life in the Margins


an experiment in building a life of meaning and connection


Hello, I'm H
founder of per se and

I'm not sure about you, but that voice in my head can be awfully chatty: "does this matter"; "is this really all I am"; "whatever happened to that idea"; "how did I end up here, again?". And yet, the answers are not forthcoming and worse, they are not always particularly kind. 

But therein lies the beauty. And I would like to share an ancient Greek concept with you - eudaemonia. This articulates the ability to live as deeply as possible, with fulfilment and contentment, creating a life that flourishes across all areas, in spite of day-to-day frustration and suffering. Unbeknownst to me, this was the state I had been cultivating for several years, by curating my daily life, I just hadn't placed a word on it. 

I am incredibly fortunate that I have cultivated a group of dear friends with whom I can explore all manner of deep and mundane questions, about how one goes about building a life with meaning and connection. But I know for 90% of people this is not the case; questions about the fundamental nature of life and living can seem heavy, indulgent, or worse, irrelevant. Consider this question a moment: 'have you lived 20 years of one life, or have you lived one year twenty times over?' In the quiet hours of the night, honestly, what would be your response? What is your response?


I find it's quite nice to have a life that you've actively chosen. So, let's talk. No strings attached, nothing to pay, let's just have a chat. Consider me that benign stranger on a park bench, with whom you strike up a conversation. 

Sign up below - I love connecting and discussing ideas of all shapes and sizes.

Red Wall & Stairs

What to Know



90 minutes

- A webinar session aimed at reframing your perception of yourself; developing how you organise the space around you, and refining your interactions with the world at large
- Follow at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want
- Lifetime access to the course thereafter - it's a journey we're talking about, not a sprint!



- A complementary 15min chat, virtually, about where in life you currently are, and what question you're seeking to answer. I'd recommend this to anyone, even without taking the course. You'd be surprised how much you self-censor, even around those you love and trust. It's natural
- If you decide you'd like a change, there is a one off fee of £90, for a deep, highly researched, proprietary course with a step-by-step programme of change, which you will have lifetime access to.




- Full access to the course presentation and materials, forever
- Guided exercises and prompts
- Reading, watching, listening material
- Complementary copy of the journal, The Learner
- Enrolment in a lifelong network of motivated and cool peers who, like you, are cultivating a life lived well. 





- In-house designed exercises, prompts and beautiful graphics to keep you inspired at home or at work
- Join a unique community of individuals for future, in-person events and gatherings
- Access to my personal habits, ongoing experiments, product reviews and recommendations. 


Red Wall & Stairs

I'd ready to book my 15min chat*

*zero, literally zero, obligation to continue to the course, but many have been ready to take the leap forward after.

There really is nothing to lose here. Your reaching out to me may be your new activity of the week, it could be your next anecdote at a dinner party, or it could be a moment you actively choose for yourself, to be free from the expectations on your time you face 24 hours a day.

Choose your own adventure. It's only 15 minutes!


Being here means you're looking for something.

It's also means you take initiative in proactively shaping the fabric of your life.


You may be at a crossroads in some part of your life; you may have hit what feels like a wall, or you're in search of something, but can't quite put your finger on it.


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