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''Discrete infinity’ refers to the property by which language constructs from a few dozen discrete elements an infinite variety of expressions of thought, imagination and feeling.'*

Red Wall & Stairs

Discrete Infinity

a live experiment in building a life of meaning and connection

Hello, I'm Hardeep, co-founder of per se and,

and I absolutely believe in talking to absolute strangers.

"Don't talk to strangers."

The phrase is veritably entrenched in each of our psyches; as children, we are told to remain close, within sight, away from danger. Strangers represent the unknown, threats, even.

But now, as a fully fledged (apparent) grown-up I speak with strangers every day, often several times a day. It happens perfectly serendipitously, in the park, waiting in line for a coffee; very discretely, people strike up conversation quickly, spontaneously, often surprising themselves in what they share in that moment; words, and sentences, expressing thought, imagination and feeling.

These moments got me thinking, maybe there are many more people out there, who simply want a chat; to be heard beyond the relationships and friendships they currently have; a third person. Or even, that third wheel. I thought, why not lend, for anyone who just wants to speak openly, my ear, for a short moment.

I apparently already attract the energy of others. I sometimes offer a clarifying question but most often, I just listen, deeply.

Maybe you have an idea for a project or business, or the desire to express something you're working through on a more philosophical level. The topic of discussion is for you to set.

So, here I am. It's totally free. If you feel better with some element of reciprocity, you can treat me to a coffee. But really, this is not required.

It's only 15 minutes mind you. About the amount of time it takes to sip through a coffee. Through Zoom, camera on or off - you decide.


I think that's everything.

So, if you're a little tired of the perennial internal chatter, and would like to pause for 15mins, this may be for you. You're already here, so I'm guessing something is pulling you to be here.


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