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A Most Sagacious Animal:

'Either you willingly stoop to knowledge or it'll knock you down.'

Programmes + Tools
of Study

See below curated, alternative sources of education, fellowships, institutions and

orthogonal learnings methods,

that accelerate innovation, minus the Fordism.

Look out !

Thiel Fellowship 

$100,000 of funding, a vision or idea at play or in the works, intensive mentoring and accelerated resource allocation. One condition: drop out of college / university.

Discover here

Marginal Revolution University

From economists Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrock, well...a series of courses on economics. But that's just the beginning. For now let's sum it up as smart people doing good work.

Discover here

The Great Courses Plus

Bringing a new meaning to a 'smart' tv, an intellectual buffet with over 700 teachers sharing their knowledge, served up as an app, that should come in ahead of your Netflix one.

Discover here

Rogue Film School

Werner Herzog's inner world could furnish the world over several millennia. For now he's working in the 21st century, bringing grizzlies and meteorites into our collective, catastrophic consciousness. The school is on pause but the reading and watching list is a beginning and end in itself.

Discover here

The Six

From storied colleges and universities, to elementary building blocks, these are some of the leading providers of MOOC (mass open online courses).

Discover Udemy edX Code Academy Khan Academy Coursera Udacity

Emergent Ventures

Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution University, enters the scene here again but this time as Faculty Director of the Mercatus Centre - an institution meshing together classical liberal values with public policy. Emergent Ventures is a fellowship and grant program from the Center, for those with bold 0-1 ideas.



An AI-enabled online home learning platform that tailors study materials to the needs of every child; one teacher, 30 students, is no longer an option for the future.


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