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The Architecture of Contemplation

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In Conversation With: CW&T


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Today I'm speaking with Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy, the duo behind the design practice, CW&T.


This conversation is an opportunity to see a dynamism in play: partners in life, in creativity, in parenting, Taylor and Che-Wei apply a conscious design to it all. In 2009, Taylor and Che-Wei way made a very deliberate decision, when they established their studio, to place creativity as the central pillar of their lives, from which any idea, product, discipline, could flow.


The broad scope of the duo's designs, that run the gamut of timepieces, stationery, a time capsule, a skipping rope and beyond, immediately spoke to my own experiments at per se, in not being bound by a particular product, but rather a specific ethic, that then manifests across a range of disciplines.


Taylor and Che-Wei also represent to me what is possible when the act of  living is taken seriously. Over time, and iteration, they have honed a sense respectively of what gives them vitality and inspiration, whether it is teaching for Che-Wei, or being in deep contemplation, and research, for Taylor.


We talk about reframing time, memento mori, finding meaningful rituals and the accidental, but intuitive, development of a community around the studio, which allows for fellow passionate creators to share, and learn from, each other.


As for rest, respite and contemplation, we talk about art, being in quiet, and how often, there is a direct correlation between being in a rested state, and tapping into creative flow.


The word for me that emerges from this conversation is consideration. Each object, hardware or software, that comes out of the studio, speaks to Che-Wei's Taylor’s deliberate, highly considered, approach to design.


Without further ado I bring you Taylor Levy and Che-Wei Wang, of CW&T.

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