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Essais: Of Drops

We're largely all aware at this point of the 'drop' model' - a system of fly-trapping consumers with limited, time dependent releases of new product; the primate version of a moth being drawn to a flame. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t end well for the moth.

The customer is always right. This is, and has been, the popular dogma of western, industrialised societies for the past century. We can call it manufactured delight. Do you know why the customer is always right? Because regardless of reason, logic or rationality, goods and services are customised to the oldest customer of all - our limbic system, and if there’s a way to speak to that, then sold, sold and sold.

This really is the customer to have; personalise your offering to this VIP, be it in the form of fear, anxiety or desire. These can all be packaged up into bitesize chunks so that the customer is sold exactly what they’ve been advertising to the world for hundreds of thousands of years. It’s the ultimate form of data mining.

Watch Adam Curtis' The Century of the Self

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