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The Pulse Check of Workship

Workship definition:-


An active, deliberative approach to cultivating a professional working relationship that is collegiate, inspiring and innovative, through the active cultivation of connected and open, one to one, and group, dynamics.

The concept of work has changed over the millennia - from physical toil from our hunter-gatherer ancestors, to what Ivy Leaguers termed 'knowledge work' via itinerant farming to the Industrial Age.

Now more than ever before, people are working in highly dynamic, collaborative, and fast moving environments with plenty of room for miscommunication. Taking inspiration from Esther Perel's friendship pulse check, here are a set of questions to start the ball rolling on creating thriving workships.

Who in your team do you think would appreciate a general check-in call?

Have you ever had to distance yourself from a colleague? Why?

Has a colleague ever had to distance themselves from you? Why?

Do you have a workship that would benefit from clearer boundaries?

With whom might you explore a renewal of a workship that petered out once a project was completed?

Who in your team is the quiet achiever, who should be celebrated?

What does workship feel like when it’s great?

Regardless of your position, level of seniority, specific department of expertise, you have the power to be the source of your own optimal working environment. If you're picky about your morning coffee, why not a place where in a given average lifetime, you will spend 80,000 hours in close proximity to people who likewise are hoping to thrive in your presence, not solely survive.

Do the pulse check and see where it leads.

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