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Red Wall & Stairs

Talk With H

a live experiment in building a life of meaning and connection

What This Is

Over the years I have experimented with all manner of ways to live better; from immersing myself in the latest neuroscience to ancient wisdom.


I have also worked in start-ups, to major international firms, from design to investment. I colour code the food in my fridge, and have tried to get through A Passage to India twice, but I just can't do it.


I am very good at asking the unexpected question in a conversation, that'll shift a perspective, uncover a truth, or provide an unlock. I have been doing it for years.

Talk with H comes from the realisation that much progress in my own life has come from good conversations, whether through my initiation, or with people who weren't seeking to please me, but push me - mentors.

Sparks of conversations with people, or engaging with ideas and resources just beyond my immediate circle, have left their mark on me that continue to influence me for the better, to this day.

What's more, informal mentors, sometimes armed with coffee, have shaped not just me, but many people I know. These are people who they can turn to for a dose of objectivity, a lift of the mind, a critical but helpful eye, a nudge into new ground. They are the whippet SHARP thinkers, the emotionally intelligent pragmatists, the doers who pushed a little harder.


But what has surprised me, is that these caped coaches appear early in life, but now adulthood seems somewhat of a desert. These informal mentors pop up once in a while like sporadic jack-in-the-boxes, but this is not good enough. My mission was born. I would create the source of connection, where anyone could come if driven to seek a new way, and have equal share in meeting a mind unlike theirs in background and experience, but like theirs in shared qualities of openness, a growth mindset and a desire for better, whatever that means to you.


This is my answer. That third person; not the friend, not the family member, but the one who says "COME, let's begin", that's what this is.


Over a decade now I have trained my mind to see openings, starts, renewals.


How do you see your life, is it one of endings, or of beginnings?

Geometric Shapes

Up for a promotion that matters to you, but need help to present the best version of yourself? 

Geometric Shapes

Need to reduce the noise in your life, to create space for meaning and connection?

Geometric Shapes

Considering going independent or launching a business, but need some perspective if this is the right move for you?

Geometric Shapes

Keen to make deeper connections with those around you, be it a partner, a friend, a parent?

Popular topics I help with

Red Wall & Stairs

Perspective. Clarity. Structure.

Gurmeet K.

"I think people really are looking for some genuine purpose, to be a 100%, to live a more conscious life. H really puts things in perspective, every time we speak about anything, she's very good at putting things logically. I think a lot of the time we get lost amongst all the noise; H helps you see a clearer picture, where you're headed, look at your own potential, where you're not happy. H is really good at communicating things across, and she is also very passionate!"

Rebecca S.

"I have just three words to sum up H - intuitive, insightful, educational."

Baljinder T.

Josh P.

"H is someone who can quite quickly get to grips with a subject or idea, understand it, and strategically apply that knowledge into action."

Jugraj S.

I was at a cross-roads, deciding what to do in the next step of my career. H asked me about my priorities and gave me a clear outlook on what I should be considering in any new roles I take up. H is very focused and uses a step based approach which motivated me to embrace my strengths. Every time I use H’s consultancy I am always confident that I’ve made the right decisions.


"I needed help to prepare for my consultant interview. It was my first interview in a long time and was crucial for me to be successful. H helped me to look at myself and recognise my strengths and how to present my weaknesses as potential areas for growth. H was really helpful in enabling me to articulate my ideas into coherent answers so that I came across as being composed and competent. H is very approachable and has a keen ear. She gives very sound advice and pushes you to look at yourself at a deeper level and to question the how and why and not just accept things at the surface level. I felt confident and prepared for the interview. H helped me to see that I had all the right answers which I was able to relay in the interview and was successful in my application."

The Details


  1. A 45 minute one-to-one session, with me, online or in person;

  2. Once you book, you’ll receive a short fact-finding email, and confirmation of the session with the necessary meeting information;

  3. We speak!

What to Expect

  1. A discussion to ascertain what’s most pressing for you;

  2. Clarifying questions, getting beyond the surface, addressing self-perception and loci of control;

  3. Using proprietary techniques and programmes to add structure, reduce internal blocks and provide practical steps on how to get to your desired outcome.

What This Is

  1. An open, non-judgemental exchange of ideas between two people who believe that life has much more to offer than the current state of affairs;

  2. Clarifying questions from me, self-illuminating answers from you;

  3. Suggestions, tips, exercises, mindful approaches that I have tested, and lived by, that will be helpful for you;

  4. The exchange is life-affirming.

What It's Not

  1. I am not a therapist;

  2. I do not hash over the past. I deal with the present, and project out into the future, the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead of you;

  3. This will not be a generic session full of mindfulness-themed platitudes; talking is not enough, change requires action.

Yes, I'd like to Talk with H
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