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The Architecture of Contemplation

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In Conversation With: Adam Gazzaley


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Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Adam Gazzaley. Amongst many other titles, Adam is the Founder & Executive Director of Neuroscape, a translational neuroscience centre engaged in using technology to fundamentally enhance our cognition, refine our behaviour, and ultimately to improve our minds. "Our" here being the human animal, of course.


The brain is Adam's domain, into which he has enfolded care, curiosity and a keen sense of pushing on ever forward, ever deeper, to solve for some of the problems that humans, of all creatures that have sprung from this earth, may uniquely call their own.


Early childhood crystallised a love of nature within Adam, which in time led him to apply his discerning eye to the natural world through photography, thus revealing the magic contained therein. We also cover Adam's ground-breaking work in experiential medicine, recent forays into psychedelic research, evolving into a leader at scale in parallel to recent fatherhood, being intrepid in the pursuit of new frontiers, and the power of being in quiet within nature


The word for me that washes upon the shore of this conversation, is mastery. Adam is positively enlivened by following his curiosity into new and known fields, in mastering these domains, synthesising his learnings, and in turn creating tools that offer hope, and lend dignity, to the lives of millions of people.


We of course, also cover rest, respite and contemplation and it shall be of no surprise, that Adam is as intentional about instilling his life with restorative moments, as he is the pursuit of meaningful, life-ennobling work.


Without further ado I bring you Adam Gazzaley.


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