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In Conversation With: Amrit Chandan


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Energy is the subject of our discussion today, in both literal, and metaphysical, terms. Here on Earth, we are in the midst of a great energy transition. This is where Amrit Chandan, and his co-founder Carlton, come in.


Amrit, co-founder and CEO of Aceleron Energy, the start-up behind the world’s first circular economy, lithium battery, joins me to share his part in the complex world of battery power storage. It really is one of the great opportunities and solves of this, and future, generations.


We talk about the ethics of a new energy paradigm and the broader stewardship of the Earth’s resources, entrepreneurship used in service to humanity, picking the right partners, and many more topics of deep import.


Amrit is early in his entrepreneurial journey, but his story is a familiar, and utterly necessary, one. One of my persistent, favourite quotes is,  that 'the best way to complain, is to make things.' Amrit talks about an experience early in his career, listening to a fatalistic climate scientist. After a few days of malaise, and existential gloom, Amrit decided not to accept the fatalism. Aceleron Energy is a direct, pragmatic response to a problem, which does have several solutions. A bias to action, grit and persistence, are just some of the qualities needed to get an idea off the ground, and into the marketplace. Amrit, with his team, is clearly in possession of these traits; the path is hard, but the payoffs for all Earthians, will literally be, life-charging, and life changing.


The word for me that coalesces around this conversation is sewa. It is a Sanskrit word, which translates to selfless service, a central tenet within the Sikh wisdom tradition, and one that is a core pillar within Amrit’s life, and work.


As for rest, respite and contemplation, Amrit speaks of the importance of family, coffee shops, and cultivating a personal practice of self-accountability.


Without further ado I bring you, Amrit Chandan of Aceleron Energy.


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