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The Architecture of Contemplation

Welcome, fellow architects.

In Conversation With: Contemplation Capsules

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Contemplation Capsules

This is a compilation of the Contemplation Capsules. This is a condensed version of the moments of rest, respite and contemplation, that I typically ask each of my guests to share. 

They talk about their havens, the places they go to, when they seek a certain change of state - that could be states of creativity; of rest; of mind-wandering without the associated guilt. I hope you find something of use and value in the sharing of each of these individuals, who have been wonderful guests on the podcast, and really opened up about these inner worlds of theirs.

These Contemplation Capsules are short. You can dip into them at any point, as you like, whenever it's needed, as often as you want. There are no downsides and you need not consume the capsules with food or water (!).

I really hope you enjoy listening along. 


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Produced by Annika Sost


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