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The Architecture of Contemplation

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In Conversation With: Kresse Wesling


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Curiosity, pragmatism and an unswerving conviction that our current systems of living could be significantly better, are some of elemental tenets that fuel my guest today, Kresse Wesling, co-founder of Elvis & Kresse.


As I write this, the sun has emerged after a respectul bout of leaden downpour. Speaking with Kresse, who back in 2005 with her partner Elvis founded their eponymous luxury lifestyle brand, using decommissioned fire hoses, is akin to that emergence of coherence and clarity following a period of disorder. In this instance, the disorder is decades of environmental, and spiritual harm, enacted upon the earth and its inhabitants.

Born and raised in the Canadian wilderness, ensconced within a loving family, Kresse's conscious awareness of a broader disposable culture came into being on a trip much later to Hong Kong, whilst working for an investment fund.


Today, Kresse speaks to me from New Barns Farm. From that initial 2005 founding, today's vision is much fuller, deeper and sweeping. New Barns Farm is a living, breathing testament to hope: it is a regenerative farm, it is the manufacture site of their conscious designs, and finally, it is a home for the co-founders.

Elvis and Kresse were early pioneers in what is now formalised as a B-Corp movement. From inception 50% of all profits have gone to charity and the full lifecycle of product is considered. The business model is pro-planet, pro-people and profitable - who'd have thought?


In this conversation, we cover ideas such as the power of full-bodied leaps into ideas, long time horizons, the power of capital to allow the freedom to experiment wildly, and how words can be wielded for the greater good. And as for rest, respite and contemplation, well, in this new paradigm, there is room for this too.


Without further ado, I bring you Kresse Wesling.

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