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The Architecture of Contemplation

Welcome, fellow architects.

In Conversation With: Xavi Bou


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Photographer Xavi Bou's aim is to make the invisible, visible. This may sound cryptic, and perhaps it should, a little at least. Starting from but a few feet above our human heads, there is a whole other reality unfolding - that of the intricate intelligence and often elegant, flight paths of birds.

Xavi's journey has been a gradual one. In this conversation we talk about the ten year journey which has now resulted in Xavi's first book, Ornithograhpies, coverage in National Geographic, solo exhibits and teaching. Fortune favours the prepared, is a saying that comes to mind as being perfectly aligned to Xavi's recent, meteoric rise.


Upon first seeing Xavi's images, you may be mistaken in thinking that painterly brushstrokes have been add in post-editing, but that is part of the magic, and technique, of his work. We discuss his latest project, at a very practical level, in terms of what ​it takes, over the course of hours, days, even years, to truly capture this poetry in motion.


Nature is the persistent theme that powers Xavi's outlook on life, and work more broadly. He talks about early influences which shaped his eye, his perennial curiosity., of initially being more of a 'nerd' than an 'artist. We also speak about the importance of children learning the names of ​species in nature, as the first, fundamental step in encouraging stewardship of the earth we inhabit.


Xavi is open in sharing his journey, as well as being an enchanting communicator about the marvels of the natural world. For me, graciousness is the words that feels most true of our conversation. There is an ease, and purity to Xavi's work and mission, and the gratitude he feels for being able to engage in such meaningful work, as also full of grace.


This conversation is wide-ranging, meditative and full of wisdom. As for rest, respite and contemplation, nature of course plays a massive part in the places, and spaces, that Xavi actively seeks out.


Without further ado I bring you Xavi Bou.


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Produced by Annika Sost


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