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In Conversation With: Dörte de Jesus


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What actually makes us change? The question posed by many a philosopher, behaviourist, psychologist, and thwarted time and again in giving a clear prescription, when faced by the complex, contradictory being, that is the human animal.


What if part of the path towards holistic, mindful, life-enhancing change was paved with beauty, joy and a touch of whimsy?


This was, and is, the approach taken by my guest today, Dörte de Jesus, founder, creative director and editor-in-chief of The Lissome, a magazine with three values at its heart: climate, fashion and vision.


I discovered The Lissome in one of my favourite paens to print, Shreeji News in Marylebone. It enticed within the first few seconds of opening the first few pages. Change can be quiet, and can happen in the simple action of turning one page, to another. If ever a metaphor was working extra duty, this would be it.


The Lissome for me is a call to more, and less - more collaboration, more consideration, more beauty, more hope; less waste, less complacency, less fatalism.


The conversation we have covers the remit of Dorte's own journey of becoming - from the grace and love of her parents' reading books to her into her early teens, finding respite in the lull and power of the ocean, and using joy and beauty as joint conduits to building a different tomorrow.

Without further ado, I bring you Dörte de Jesus.

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