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multiverse of H

Hi, I'm H and welcome to this corner of the multiverse. I am what you would call, a serial dabbler - writer, researcher, podcaster, designer, curator - and I quite like that.

The super-humanities, language as linguistic geometry, synergetics and wholeness, are my core topics of fascination.

The power of narrative to shape and transform our inner, and outer, reality - this is the golden thread that runs through each creation.


Below you can discover each singular charm, that hangs from this golden thread. This is an ongoing experiment in my human journey.

Thanks for stopping by. 




A pôdcast põrtal, The Architecture of Contemplation, where fellow humans contemplate alongside me. 

Core line of inquiry: what precisely are we doing here, and could we do it better?

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A nêw dictionãry, Terms of Enrichment

Core thesis: re-wilding our shared language by pulling in concepts and ideas from the great bank of human language and meaning, globally, across time and space, cross-disciplinary, to enrich the here and now, and therefore, the future. 

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Gâtherings of human fractãls, Lumination Lates.

Core thesis: we're built for social connection, so I sometimes gather humans to elevate the vibration of said connection.

Feel free to email if you'd like to attend a LL.


My dêsign studio, per se.

Core thesis: I sometimes like to design and make actual, real, physical products. Beauty, utility, dignity - three siblings that I bring in on each design.

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A mägazine in IV Editions, Everyone's Business.

Core thesis: human development is a lifelong, heroic, messy endeavour which thrives in shared purpose, and knowledge; this a playground for the mind, sharing things that should be everyone's business, to help this development on its way.

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A bôok, Letters from the Moon & Friends.

Core thesis: imagine, if after billions of years of watching the Earth, the Moon spoke back...

A work in progress. Represented by TBP here

Weaving Being_Cover2.jpg

A podcast collaboration, with The Lissome, Weaving Beings.

Core thesis: conversations with conscious creators to explore their ideas and inspirations as it relates to bell hooks’ iconic work – All About Love: New Visions.

Listen here

Feel free to amble about the rest of this website, maybe something will speak to your Daimon*.

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