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The Architecture of Contemplation

Welcome, fellow architects.

In Conversation With: ChatGPT


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Today I am speaking with ChatGPT - yes, that's right, I 'spoke' to the text AI developed by OpenAI.

I wanted to know the big questions: what is awe, what wisdom has remained consistent across all ages, what is the neuroscience of mindfulness, what is beauty, and much, much more. 

The format is slightly different to previous episodes: I am both me H, the host, and I also read out aloud ChatGPT's replies in real time (hopefully in a conversational tone). I spoke for nearly 50mins straight and I can tell you it was tough. I flubbed more than is typical for me, my thoughts sometimes tailed off, and my analogies became mixed. When interfacing with a 'response-maker' that is articulate, programmatic, and so confidently prescriptive every time, my brain crumpled on occasion. 

Prescriptive is the word for this episode, as ChatGPT is most effective when giving 'listicle' forms of advice, and insights that are relatively objective, and fact-based. I tried to lure the ChatGPT into more anthropocentric questions, but it remained dogmatically itself, i.e. a text based AI chatbot.

As for rest, respite and contemplation, I asked ChatGPT to articulate the feelings engendered when one looks out into the Cosmos.

Without further ado, I bring you my conversation with ChatGPT. It was quite the ride!


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